Nago truly is your typical charming Italian town. Its narrow streets are surrounded by colorful renovated buildings. It is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate. It overlooks one of the most spectacular lakes of the country, Lake Garda. Nevertheless, what makes this place really special is the people that live in it, and their strong sense of community.

Over the summer, we had the pleasure of working with Nago’s community on the project “Let’s NaGo” (do you see the pun?). Under Dolomit’s guidance, a group of young local people identified the most meaningful spots of the town and created an alternative “walking tour” in English, with the purpose of welcoming international students and laying the ground for friendly exchanges. We practiced English in a relaxed atmosphere, and discovered that kind of interesting stories about the town and its inhabitants that you can learn just from local people…

When you join the Dolomit programs based in the Lake Garda area, we will make sure that you do not miss this great experience and get to meet these fun and energetic youngsters. In the meantime, take a look at the photogallery of the project: isn’t it inspiring?!