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Trentino enjoys a special political and economic autonomy sanctioned in the post-WW2 Italian Constitution. It constitutes the result of centuries of history characterized by the collective management of the territory (common properties and civic uses), the formation of distinctive languages and cultures, and the changing fortunes of a frontier area. Thanks to the local administration of resources, Trentino developed the conditions for a high quality of life. In the last two decades, independent reports have been regularly placing Trentino at the very top of living standards rankings, and at the first place in key areas such as environment, safety, education (also thanks to the presence of one of the best universities in Italy), job market, and leisure.


Thanks to Trentino’s top-quality infrastructures, you can safely enjoy sites of exceptional natural, cultural, and historical value. Spectacular mountains are its landmark. Among them, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to their extraordinary environmental and cultural significance. The variety of landscapes offer endless possibilities to explore the outdoor and practice sports at every level. Trentino is also culturally vibrant with its cutting-edge museums, important archaeological sites, and international events all year long. Agriculture and food industry are capital economic sectors: a range of soils, climates, and customary practices favors unique productions that a distinctive culinary tradition transforms into tasteful dishes.


Trentino occupies a central position in the heart of Europe and traveling around is easy, at the local, national, and international level. The different districts of the province are well linked by a network of local buses and trains, and by more than 430 km (270 miles) of bike paths. The north-south Brenner axis – historically the main connection between the German and the Latin worlds – still ensures strategic connections. Thanks to a highway and high-speed trains, in a few hours it is possible to reach the main Italian cities and cross the border to enter Austria and Germany. From Verona airport, easily reachable by train and bus, there are affordable flights for the major Italian and European destinations. Trentino is also at the cutting edge in digital technologies, and offers to its residents and guests a network of free wireless connections.